Four steps for Refrigerator Repair

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Four steps for Refrigerator Repair

Four steps for Refrigerator Repair

In our modern world we are served by many appliances that perform for us with just a quick setting and the push of the on button. We have our dirty clothes washed and the wet ones are dried. Appliances cook our meals in the ovens, cooktops and microwaves. Still others clean the dirty dishes and dispose of the food waste. There is one group that stands above them all with service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, three hundred sixty-five days a year. The refrigeration units. The refrigerator is the king of all appliances serving us continuously. However, panic can set in when we see a failure in the refrigerator. When we enter the kitchen and see a puddle of water in the floor, or open the door and find our food not cool or frozen. “What do I do now “you ask yourself. Just following the following easy steps and you will get your day back on track.

#1. Do Not Panic.  

Food is not totally lost. Typically, you find the failure before it has warmed to defrost the frozen food or lost its chill in the refrigerator side. Most households have a garage refrigerator to relocate the food to the other unit. If no other refrigerator is available, dry ice can be purchased at your local supermarket or Wal-Mart. You can put two pounds of dry ice on the top shelf of the freezer. One-pound of dry ice on the top shelf of the refrigerator side should be good. Things near the ice in the refrigerator might freeze, so leave some space.  You do not need to move things or ice them down until you have service scheduled to define the length of time to repair. Knowing the options available will give you piece of mind.

#2. Clean the Mess.

Water from melting ice will run on the floor. Old towels spread on the floor will soak up the water quickly. Remove the ice bucket from the freezer. Turn the ice maker off. The ice in the freezer is the first thing to melt and the source of the water. Check to make sure that the melting ice is the source of the water. The refrigeration unit can be working correctly and the fountain or ice maker can be the problem.

#3. Repair before Replace

Most appliance repairs can be completed at just a fraction of the cost of buying a new appliance. That is seen in over 95% of the appliance repair calls we run, as the customers choose repair. This is particularly true of refrigerators that often cost over $3,000 to replace.

#4. Call for service

Secure the manufacturer and model number before making the call to request service. On most refrigerators a tag will be located inside the refrigerator at about eye level on one of the side walls. Be sure to get the number after Mod. Or Model. All digits are very important, so double check what you have copied down.  You can just take a picture of the tag and text it to Anderson Appliance Repair.

The best advice on selecting a refrigerator repair provider is to call Anderson Appliance Repair or another independent local service company. The three main reasons for calling an independent company are service response time, quality of service and pricing.

Response to repair for GE service and other national companies is two days to more than a week. The large organization take requests, pass to dispatchers, assign the selected route and then give the assignment to a technician. Your service is just a number in the endless system. Most calls are scheduled in a system with a backlog of 2 days to a week.  Anderson Appliance Repair and other independents have a technician answer the phone. Your questions are answered. Your call is scheduled while you are still on the phone. “No Cool” refrigerators are given the highest priority with same day or next day service on refrigerator repairs.  

Thirty plus years experience in appliance repair is what you are getting with Anderson Appliance Repair.  Technicians attended factory training and provided factory warranty service for numerous manufacturers.

Cost in a national company for the overhead of a large staff far outweigh the costs for Anderson Appliance Repair. Your repair bill will generally reflect savings on your decision to shop for an independent refrigerator service.

Now with your refrigerator repair call scheduled with Anderson Appliance Repair, you can relax knowing that help is on the way.

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